Fathia Alabau Boussouria
Title: Indirect control and inverse problems for coupled systems of hyperbolic PDE’s.

Michiel van den Berg
Title: Applications of Brownian motion techniques to elliptic and parabolic PDE

Umberto Biccari
Title: Control problems for non-local PDE.

Friedmann Brock – Francesco Chiacchio
Title: Weighted rearrangements, isoperimetry and symmetry

Dorin Bucur
Title: Spectral optimization and free discontinuity problems.

Giuseppe Buttazzo
Title: Optimization problems for shapes and for potentials.

Piermarco Cannarsa
Title: Singularities of solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi equations for optimal control problems.

Pierre Cardaliaguet
Title: On the optimal control of the Fokker-Planck equation and the master equation.

Jean-Michel Coron
Title: Some methods to use the nonlinearities in order to control a system.

Bernard Dacorogna
Title: The pullback equation for volume and symplectic forms.

Gudo De Philippis
Title: Quantitative stability inequalities in shape optimization: an approach via regularity estimates.

Mario di Bernardo
Title: Distributed control of large scale complex systems: theory and applications.

Giuseppe Floridia
Title: Carleman estimates for transport equations and their applications to inverse problems.

Ilaria Fragalà
Title: The road of some inequalities from Convex Geometry to Calculus of Variations.

Elisa Francini
Title: The inverse conductivity problem.

Filippo Gazzola
Title: Measure and shape optimization for the torsional stability of rectangular plates.

P.L. Lions
Title: Optimal planning in MFG

Alessio Porretta
Title: PDE systems in mean field games.

Paolo Salani
Title: Envelopes, rearrangements and geometry of solutions to elliptic PDEs.

Bruno Siciliano
Title: Robot Modelling and Control

Eric Soccorsi
Title: Multidimensional Borg-Levinson Inverse Spectral Problems.

Susanna Terracini
Title: Liouville theorems and a priori estimates for linear and nonlinear degenerate/singular PDEs and applications.

Emmanuel Trelat
Title: Shape optimization of controllability, observability and stabilizability for some PDEs.

Bozhidar Velichkov
Title: Regularity for free boundary and shape optimization problems.

Masahiro Yamamoto
Title: Inverse problems for evolution equations: uniqueness and stability.

Enrique Zuazua
Title: Dynamics and control of some models arising in social and biological sciences.


Mourad Choulli
Title: Multidimensional Borg-Levinson type theorems.

Gisella Croce
Title: A shape optimization problem for a nonlinear eigenvalue.

Anna Doubova
Title: Numerical solution of some geometric inverse problems for PDE’s

Adele Ferone
Title: New Polya-Szego type inequalities.

Genni Fragnelli
Title: Controllability for a degenerate structured population model.

Roberto Guglielmi
Title: Turnpike properties and strict dissipativity for linear optimal control problems.

Jimmy Lamboley
Title: Blaschke-Santalo diagram and eigenvalues.

Paola Loreti
Title: t.b.a.

Patrick Martinez
Title: Parameter determination for Energy Balance Models

Anna Mercaldo
Title: Some isoperimetric inequalities with respect to monomial weights.

Cristina Pignotti
Title: Flocking estimates for a Cucker-Smale model with distributed time delay.

Giovanni Pisante
Title: A weighted anisotropic Sobolev type inequality and some consequences.

Giorgio Poggesi
Title: t.b.a.

Aldo Pratelli
Title: On the existence and the Steiner property for planar clusters with double density.

Marco Maria Luigi Sammartino
Title: Analytic solutions of the 2D Euler equations with vortex layer initial data.

Teresa Scarinci
Title: Stochastic primal-dual splitting methods for control of PDEs.

Daniela Sforza
Title: t.b.a.