Golfo di Napoli

Incontri di geometria noncommutativa

— A Neapolitan Workshop on Noncommutative Geometry —

Napoli, 20-22 September 2012

This mini-workshop will be devoted to several aspects of the current research activity in noncommutative geometry, and its main aim is to bring together scientists working on this subject, in both mathematics and theoretical physics. It is divided in four thematic sessions, each consisting in two seminars and a discussion session, led by an expert of the field. The aim of the discussion sessions is to exchange ideas on specific topics, to popularize some lines of research, and point out to the community some open problems.

The conference is organized by the Department of Mathematics and by the Department of Physics of the University of Naples Federico II.

The scientific activities of the conference will start at 2:30 PM on Thursday September 20th and finish at 1PM on Saturday September 22. You can register on-line here (no registration fee is required).

The conference is sponsored by: Progetto FARO 2010 (Polo delle Scienze, University of Naples Federico II); Department of Mathematics, University of Naples Federico II; INFN sezione di Napoli.

Local organizers:

  • Maurizio Brunetti (Department of Mathematics)
  • Francesco D'Andrea (Department of Mathematics)
  • Gaetano Fiore (Department of Mathematics & INFN)
  • Davide Franco (Department of Mathematics)
  • Fedele Lizzi (Department of Physics & INFN)
  • Patrizia Vitale (Department of Physics & INFN)

Speakers & discussion leaders:

  • P. Aschieri (Univ. del Piemonte Orientale)
  • F. Bonechi (INFN, Firenze)
  • L. Castellani (Univ. del Piemonte Orientale)
  • F. Cipriani (Politecnico di Milano)
  • L. Dabrowski (SISSA)
  • S. Doplicher (Univ. Sapienza di Roma)
  • G. Fiore (Univ. di Napoli Federico II)
  • D. Franco (Univ. di Napoli Federico II)
  • G. Immirzi (Univ. di Perugia & INFN Perugia)
  • G. Landi (Univ. di Trieste)
  • G. Morsella (Univ. di Roma Tor Vergata)
  • P. Piazza (Univ. Sapienza di Roma)