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Contributed Talks

High Rate Low Density Parity Check Codes from Difference Covering Arrays
Emine Sule Yazici
Graceful polynomials of small degree
Andrea Vietri
Revisiting the Intersection Problem for Maximum Packings of $K_{6n+5}$ with Triples
Amber B Holmes
Almost $2$-perfect $8$-cycle systems
Selda Kucukcifci
Equitable coloring of hypergraphs
Paweł Obszarski
Oddness and weak oddness of a cubic graph
Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo
Colourings of cubic graphs inducing isomorphic monochromatic subgraphs
Domenico Labbate
Treelike snarks
Marien Abreu
The construction of combinatorial structures and linear codes from orbit matrices of strongly regular graphs
Sanja Rukavina
Equitable colourings for systems of 4-kites
Paola Bonacini
On sets of type (m,n)_2 in PG(3,q): PART TWO
Fulvio Zuanni
On sets of type (m,n)_2 in $PG(3,q): PART ONE
Stefano Innamorati
On the spectrum of Octagon Quadrangle Systems of any index
Lucia Maria Marino
New strongly regular graphs from orthogonal groups $O^+(6,2)$ and $O^-(6,2)$
Andrea Švob, Dean Crnković, Sanja Rukavina
Catalan Hypercubes
Filippo Disanto
Resolving sets for higher dimensional projective spaces
Gyorgy Kiss
Configurations in Sicily before 1910 and after 1986
Harald Gropp
Some conjectures on partial sums of a given set
Simone Costa, Fiorenza Morini, Anita Pasotti, Marco Antonio Pellegrini
Signed bicyclic graphs with extremal least Laplacian eigenvalue
Francesco Belardo, Maurizio Brunetti, Adriana Ciampella
Orthogonal one-factorizations of complete multipartite graphs
Mariusz Meszka
On the upper chromatic number of projective spaces
Tamas Szonyi
Simple Heffter arrays and orthogonal cyclic cycle systems
Simone Costa, Fiorenza Morini, Anita Pasotti, Marco Antonio Pellegrini
On some self-orthogonal codes from Mathieu group $M_{11}$
Ivona Novak, Vedrana Mikulić Crnković
On a method of constructing geometric designs
Vedrana Mikulic Crnkovic, Dean Crnkovic, Andrea Svob
Maximum scattered subspaces and maximum rank distance codes
Bence Csajbók
Decompositions of the complete $n$-partite equipartite multigraph with any minimum leave and minimum excess
Tao Feng
On the length of the total domination game
Csilla Bujtás
Multigraphs with relatively large palette-index
Arrigo Bonisoli
On Some Tiling Conjectures
Peter Horak, Dong Ryul Kim
Latin squares with disjoint subsquares of two orders
Michael Schroeder
Pell Graphs
Emanuele Munarini
On the extendability of particular classes of constant dimension codes
Anamari Nakic
The spectrum of $P^{(h)}(h-1,h+1)$-designs
Valerio Castelli, Maria Di Giovanni, Mario Gionfriddo
On a generalization of complete mappings
Tommaso Traetta
A zero-sum problem in the theory of block designs
Giovanni Falcone

Contributed Papers for AAPP

Spectral analysis of the wreath product of a complete graph with a cocktail party graph
Francesco Belardo, Matteo Cavaleri, Alfredo Donno
On a characteristic property of the sphere
Horst Kramer
On the Existence of Non-golden Signed Theta-graphs
Maurizio Brunetti
Transitive combinatorial structures invariant under some subgroups of $S(6,2)$ and related codes
Andrea Svob
Completing simple partial k-Latin squares
Giovanni Lo Faro
On sets of class [1, q + 1, 2q + 1]_2 in PG(3, q)
Fulvio Zuanni
Transversals and Blocking stes in H(3)-designs
Mario Gionfriddo, Maria Di Giovanni, Valerio Castelli
A new characterization of elliptic quadrics in PG(3; q), q odd.
Vito Napolitano
On uniformly resolvable(K1;2;K1;3)-designs
salvatore milici
On the parameters of two-intersection sets in PG(3,q)
Stefano Innamorati, Fulvio Zuanni

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