Pictures from the Social Dinner

Pictures from the social dinner are a courtesy of  the photographer Donatella Ciapi owner of  Sant'Alessio Siculo photographer shop "Studio Fotografico Foto&Grafica"


Picture_1 Picture_2 Picure_3
Picture_4 Picture_5 Picure_6
Picture_7 Picture_8 Picure_9
Picture_10 Picture_11 Picure_12
Picture_13 Picture_14 Picure_15
Picture_16 Picture_17 Picure_18
Picture_19 Picture_20 Picure_21
Picture_22 Picture_23 Picure_24
Picture_25 Picture_26 Picure_27


Extra Pictures


Picture_1 Picture_2 Picure_3
Picture_1 Picture_2  

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