:: Final Test at Grid School   [Answers to Questions]


1) How can a user store one of his/her files on the Grid making it available to the colleagues of his/her Virtual Organization ?
A) selecting Data Services, then Publish a File, then choosing a Storage Element from the SE list, and submitting the action
B) copying the selected file from the user home directory to the CE
C) using the Replicate Action, under Navigate RLS
D) using the Browse & View Action, under Navigate RLS

2) How is the "Login to the Grid" done in GENIUS ?
A) initializing a proxy
B) obtaining a valid proxy from a myproxy delegation
C) initializing a myproxy
D) copying a proxy file in /tmp directory

3) Which is the correct procedure to join GILDA as a user ?
A) request a GILDA certificate, go to the GILDA home page, login to the GILDA Grid Tutor, subscribe to the GILDA Virtual Organization
B) login to the GILDA Grid Tutor, subscribe to the GILDA Virtual Organization, go to the GILDA home page, request a GILDA certificate
C) go to the GILDA home page, request a GILDA certificate, subscribe to the GILDA Virtual Organization, login to the GILDA Grid Tutor
D) go to the GILDA home page, subscribe to the GILDA Virtual Organization, request a GILDA certificate, login to the GILDA Grid Tutor

4) Which is the correct procedure to properly set the user certificate for its use on the GILDA grid ?
A) export the certificate from the web browser, copy it under the .globus directory on the User Interface machine, convert it using openssl commands, set permission of public and private key
B) export the certificate from the web browser, convert it using openssl commands, copy it under the .globus directory on the User Interface machine, set permission of public and private key
C) export the certificate from the web browser, set permission of public and private key, copy them under the .globus directory on the User Interface machine, convert them using openssl commands
D) set permission of public and private key, export them from the web browser, convert them using openssl commands, copy them under the .globus directory on the User Interface machine.

5) Using GENIUS, how can a user retrieve the output of a job ?
A) running a query for job status on the Computing Element where the job has been executed
B) using the Browse & View Action, under Navigate RLS
C) clicking on the "Get Output" link on the Job Queue page
D) copying the files from the WorkerNode where the job has been executed

Grid Basic

6) GSI provides a way to:
A) determine identity of a Grid user
B) enforce VO policy
C) store a users credentials
D) specify access control on a file

7) Which is not a characteristic of a virtual organization:
A) dynamic
B) distributed
C) multi-institutional
D) provides free access to members

8) Which of the following is not feature of GridFTP:
A) GSI authentication
B) Third party transfer
C) replica discovery
D) Failure recovery

9) Which of the following is enforced by the community authorization service:
A) site policy to VO
B) site policy to user
C) user policy to a site
D) VO policy to a user

10) What function does GRAM not provide:
A) language to describe job characteristics
B) selection of best resource to submit a job to
C) notification of job-state change
D) interface to submit and control jobs


11) What is the primary GAT class used for obtaining resources?
A. GATResourceBroker
C. GATFile
D. GATSoftwareResource

12) What would be the best GAT function to use for deleting a file?
A. GATFile_Delete
B. GATFile_Destroy
C. GATJob_Destroy
D. GATLogicalFile_Equals

13) What is the primary GAT class used for managing geographically dispersed files which are byte-for-byte identical?
A. GATLogicalFile
B. GATFile
D. GATTable

14) What would the following call return through the length pointer result = GATFile_GetLength( file,length);
A. The length of file in bytes
B. The length of file in terabytes
C. The length of the string "file"
D. The length of the string "GATFile_GetLength"

15) What would the following call return through the lwtime pointer result = GATFile_LastWriteTime(file, lwtime)
A. The last time file was modified
B. The last time the GAT application wrote to disk
C. The last time the file GATFile.h was modified
D. The last time the file GATFile.c was modified


16) What are the three main components of the GriPhyN Virtual Data System?
A) Globus, Condor, Chimera
B) Condor-G, Globus, RLS
C) Chimera, DAGMan, Pegasus
D) Pegasus, Globus, Chimera

17) What is involved in generating a concrete workflow?
A) gathering information about physical resources
B) finding the correct derivation
C) adding compute nodes to the workflow
D) all of the above

18) What is the relationship between virtual data and provenance?
A) they are the same
B) they are at two ends of the data spectrum
C) you need provenance to derive virtual data
D) none of the above

19) Chimera's transformations are:
A) abstract template of program invocation
B) function calls
C) record of derivation execution
D) all of the above

20) What is a megadag?
A) a really large workflow
B) a way to defer planning
C) a way to use DAGMan efficiently
D) all of the above


21) GridSphere is...?
A) A portal framework that supports standards compliant portlets
B) A resource broker
C) A file transfer service
D) The new star wars movie

22) Which standards are/will be most important in portal development?
A) JSR 168, WSRP, GridFTP
C) JSR 168, JSR 127 (JSF), WSRP
D) WS resource framework, WS-addressing, WS notification

23) What are some of the core portlets in GridSphere?
A) User layout customization
B) Portlet management
C) User profile management
D) Group administration
E) All of the above

24) What is the GridSphere provided UI tag and bean model good for?
A) It provides a library to easily create presentation
B) It provides a data persistence library
C) It provides a library for PKI
D) It provides a library for P2P

25) What are basic methods of the Portlet interface?
A) init
B) processAction
C) doView
D) doEdit
E) All of the above

EGEE and Components

26) EGEE goals are to: (select ALL that apply):
A) re-engineer existing middleware to be service oriented
B) establish a grid for multiple VO's, including VOs in research and public service
C) enable distributed parallel computation
D) create the operational infrastructure to support users, sites, and VOs, and to run the core Grid services.

27) The single most important purpose of EGEE is to (select one):
A) support data and compute intensive computation
B) establish interoperability with national and international grid projects
C) enhance collaboration in virtual organisations
D) develop new middleware

28) The "resource broker" includes which (one or more) of the following:
A) job control service that sends jobs to a compute element
B) a catalogue of replica files
C) user interface service to allow the user to access core Grid functions
D) matchmaking of job requirements to resource characteristics

29) The "compute element" (select one):
A) executes a users job
B) is a massively parallel computer
C) queues a users job in a system such as LFS, Condor or PBS
D) requests jobs from the resource broker

30) For a user to access compute or storage elements, which one of the following does NOT happen:
A) user must store credentials in a proxy server
B) user must join a VO
C) user must obtain username and passwords for elements they want to use
D) VO must negotiate access to resources

31) Data files are replicated so that (select the one that is NOT true):
A) there is no single point of failure in accessing data
B) multiple replicas can be accessed by the middleware to test consistency of data before use
C) compute elements can be found that are close to data
D) the load of accessing data is shared across multiple resources

Web Services

32) Web Service Interoperability WS-I Currently includes some version of: (Tick all that apply)
A) XML Schema
B) Java
C) WS-Trust
F) Globus

33) The Rule of the Millisecond is
A) Expressing time intervals when message-based interactions should often be used instead of method invocations
B) Describing network transit delays
C) Expresses time Axis uses to process simple WSDL
D) Minimum MPI latency

34) Web Service Reliable Messaging specifies
A) A Collection of Replicated services
B) Messages with Sequence Numbers and ACKs and NAKs
C) HTTP Protocol
D) Use of NaradaBrokering

35) NaradaBrokering is
A) Part of Apache Axis
B) Open Source Messaging System supporting message oriented middleware and publish-subscribe applications
C) Slower than SOAP plus HTTP but more reliable
D) An implememtation of RMI


36) Which of the following Condor components are provided by Condor-G?
A) Customer Agent
B) Owner Agent
C) Remote Execution Agent
D) Application Agent

37) In the Ethernet Protocol who is responsible for error detection?
A) The receiver
B) The sender
C) The Network Monitoring Unit (NMU)
D) Both the sender and receiver

38) Which of the following statements is true?
A) All jobs managed by DAGMan must use the same Condor universe
B) DAGMan can only manage Globus jobs
C) DAGMan does not support loops in the workflow
D) DAGMan generates a rescue DAG when the submitting machine crashes

39) Which of the following statements is not true?
A) Authentication in Globus is done with limited-lifetime X509 proxies
B) Condor-G can communicate with remote Globus job after proxy expiries
C) Condor-G can put jobs on hold and email user to refresh proxy
D) Condor-G can retrieve a new proxy from MyProxy.

40) Which of the following capabilities are supported by Stork?
A) Dynamic selection of file transfer protocols
B) Co-allocation of storage and compute resources
C) Scheduling of Data Placement jobs
D) Monitoring and prediction of network bandwidth.


41) What standard has revolutionized portability and interoperability for Portlets written for Grid Portals?
C) JSR-168

42) What field of science is the primary user of the NEESGrid software?
A) Earthquake Engineering
B) High Energy and Nuclear Physics
C) Space Weather
D) Biology

43) What is the primary contribution of the Sakai project from the perspective of Grid Portals?
A) A very tasty Japanese rice wine to relax portal programmers
B) Advances in GRIDFTP performance using striping protocols
C) Visualization of workflow graphs for physics computations
D) A set of portlets which can be used for group collaboration

44) How has the field of Grid Portals changed in the past four years?
A) A move from many competing projects to a few cooperating projects
B) The increasing use of PHP as the uniform language for portals
C) A gradual replacement of GRIDFTP with https download
D) The OGSI data formats have been replaced by the OGCE data formats

45) What is the primary contribution of Grid Portals to the overall Grid effort?
A) Makes it very easy to add grid protocols to equipment which does not run Linux
B) Provides the capability to combine multiple grid web services requests into a single request to enhance performance
C) To provide a user interface to other grid resources
D) Insures that data from all versions of the Globus Toolkit is stored in the same format.


46)Which of the following factors should make you think very carefully before publishing data representing research results?
(a) Because it gives away your adavantage as an observer or experimentalist.
(b) Because describing it adequately with meta data is very hard.
(c) Because storing data is expensive.
(d) Because satisfying the unpredictable and possibly computationally or band-width demands of users is difficult.
(e) Because it leaves a responsibility for continued data curation.
(f) Because it makes it easy for people to spot errors in your work.

A) b
B) b+c
C) b+e
D) d+e
E) a+b+c+d+e+f

47) Which of the following challenges apply in projects like BRIDGES that integrate biological and medical data but do NOT apply in projects like EdSkyQuery which integrate astronomic data?
(a) Coping with the volume of data and data use
(b) Meeting privacy requirements
(c) Matching data using complex algorithms
(d) Enforcing fine-grained authorisation rules
(e) Accommodating geographic distribution
(f) Accommodating data diversity

A) a+c
B) b+d
C) b+c+d
D) b+d+e
E) b+d+f

48) Which of the following factors will make integrating life sciences' data very demanding?
(a) Exponential growth of DNA and protein sequence data
(b) Annotation of DNA sequences to describe gene expression
(c) Catalogues of data describing proteomic processes
(d) Records of the analysis of the effects of genetic variations
(e) Records of observations of the effects of environment during development

A) a
B) a+b+c
C) a+b+c+e
D) b+e
E) a+b+c+d+e

49) The OGSA-DAI technology uses perform documents to:
(a) Provide extensibility.
(b) To reduce latency.
(c) To avoid a precise binding to underlying technologies.
(d) To conform to the DAIS specification.
(e) To insulate application programmers against changes in protocols.

A) a
B) a+b
C) a+c
D) a+c+d
E) b+c+e

50) The OGSA-DAI Client Toolkit allows developers to:
(a) Write clients that interact with OGSA-DAI services using a high-level Java API. -
(b) Construct requests containing chains of connected activities.
(c) Install and configure OGSA-DAI services so that users can access them via the DataBrowser application.
(d) Start and stop DBMS such as MySQL and Xindice.
(e) Process results of an SQL query using the ResultSet interface, in a similar manner to a conventional (i.e. non-Grid) Java database application.

A) a+b
B) b+c
C) c+d
D) a+b+d
E) a+b+e

51) Which of the following features are provided by the OGSA-DAI activity framework?
(a) A work-flow definition language for sequencing tasks that includes control constructs such as conditionals, loops, and variables.
(b) A desktop application for constructing and connecting chains of activities to be processed by a GridDataService.
(c) An extensibility point allowing developers to write and deploy their own activities to perform arbitrary tasks from a GridDataService.
(d) An abstract Activity class encapsulating some functionality general to all Activity implementations.
(e) A framework for automated stress-testing of activities such as the SQLQueryStatement and XPathQueryStatement.

A) a+c+e
B) a+c+d
C) c+d+e
D) c+d
E) b+e

52)Which of the following statements best describes how data flows between the activities contained in a request?
A) As a stream of bytes.
B) As a stream of Java objects that are usually of String or byte array type.
C) As a stream of XML nodes containing Elements and CDATA sections.
D) As a stream of compressed and encrypted byte data.
E) As a stream of character data containing Base-64 encoded binary.

Web Services

53) A Web Service is defined as: (select one)
A) a remote proceedure call using SOAP
B) sent via WSDL
C) a software system identified by URI, with public interfaces and messaging specified in XML
D) a distributed software system interfaced through a browser

54) Web Service messages can be transfered over the internet by - (select one)
A) any existing protocol
B) udp broadcast only
C) web services transport protocol
D) apache web server only

55) To make a web service available you must - (select one)
A) write it in java using the web services developers kit (WSSDK)
B) publish a description of its inerface in WSDL
C) subscribe to a single central registry
D) register it with a matchmaker

56) An XML Schema defines: (select one)
A) the tags and other features in an XML document
B) the presentation of an XML document
C) the way an XML document will be parsed by a remote process
D) the protocols used to transport an XML document

57) The SOAP envelope provides information about the content of its message
A) True
B) False

58) Web Services must be written in java
A) True
B) False

59) Web Services modes of operation are: (select one)
A) always asynchronous
B) always synchronous
C) can be either synchronous or asynchronous

60) Deploying a servlet means : (select one)
A) compiling it using ant
B) putting it in a registry
C) making it available to a web server through a container
D) making it grid aware

61) SOAP messages can have attachments
A) True
B) False


62) The Unicore NJS:
A) Accepts connections from remote clients and authenticates them
B) Submits scripts directly to the local Batch Management System
C) Interprets and executes AJOs
D) Contains instructions on how to use the local resources

63) A Unicore job (AJO) CANNOT:
A) Have conditional execution parts
B) Execute scripts
C) Control other Unicore jobs
D) Send direct notifications to other Unicore jobs

64) Name the Grid middleware UNICORE has developed interoperability components for:
A) Sun Grid Engine
B) GridBus
C) Globus
D) Windows XP

65) You want to support a Client Task Plug-in at a virtual site. To do so, you have to add a Software Resource that contains system-specific information to one of the server components. Which UNICORE server component do you have to edit?
A) Network Job Supervisor (NJS)
B) Target System Interface (TSI)
C) UNICORE User Database (UUDB)
D) Incarnation Database (IDB)

66) To run the UNICORE Client as a user on a UNICORE Grid you need...
A) ...a passport
B) ...a valid user certificate
C) ...a driving-license
D) ...a good Grid School exam