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Presentation Description
GridSphere and the GridLab Project
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This presentation gives a high-level overview of the EU funded GridLab Project and its relationship with the GridSphere Portal Framework.
GridSphere Architecture Overview
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This presentation gives a high-level overview of GridSphere, including our implementation of the Portlet API, the portlet services and portlets we are building, as well as the portlet presentation model.
GridSphere Installation and Setup
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Describes step by step how to build, install and setup the portal.
GridSphere Development Tutorial
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JSR portlet development applied to classic hello world. GridSphere features such as portlet services, a tag and bean library, persistence are demonstrated in examples. Check out the tutorial web application that goes with it.
GridSphere JSR Portlet Deployment
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Using the GridSphere tools to create a new JSR portlet project and configuring and deploying an existing JSR portlet application are presented.