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  • Spa Gardens Trip - Wednesday 19 July
    13:00 Meet at Reception to Depart
    We will get the public bus to the GiardiniPoseidon Spa Gardens which will take about half an hour.
    The gardens have various thermal baths and pools of varying temperatures. Also there is a sauna in a cave and water pools and the beach.
    Entrance Fee = 23 euros
    Transport by public bus = 1.20 euros each way
    You will need to take enough money with you to pay.
    We will ask the Hotel Reception to provide a Packed Lunch for you.
    We will hope to be back for 20:00 in time for dinner in the hotel restaurant.
    Please sign up by Tuesday evening so that we can inform the hotel for numbers for packed lunches.
  • Sunday 16 July 2006 - Boat Trip
    9:30 Leave Hotel
    10:00 Boat Departs
    18:00 (Approx) Return to Hotel
    Sail around Island, view Castello Aragonese, Punta S. Pan Crazio, Maronti, Punta S. Angelo, Sorgeto, Cava dell'Isola, Punta Del Soccorso and San Montan, with a chance to stop at a couple of places and take a swim.
    A packed lunch will be provided.
    Sign in by Saturday lunchtime if you want to attend.
  • Friday 14 July     Student Poster Presentations 18:30    Lecture Room
    The five students who have been chosen to deliver presentations on the content of their posters are:
    Tobias Scholl
    Vicente Navarro
    Omer Ozan Sonmez
    Antti Hyvarinen
    Christopher Smith
    The presentations have to be not more than 5 slides and not more than 5 minutes in length, with 2 minutes for questions.
    The presentations will be judged by David Fergusson, Fabrizio Gagliardi and Steven Newhouse.
    The overall winner will be presented with a prize at Dinner on Friday evening by Fabrizio Gagliardi. There will also be small prizes for the runners up.
  • Thursday 13 July Formal Buffet Dinner at the Hotel - please dress smartly.
    Cocktails available before on the Patio.
  • Quiz deadline extended to Sunday 16 July - please hand in at Registration Desk to be eligible for the prize.
  • Island Exursion - please pay 15 euros before end of Tuesday 11 July if you have signed up for the organised excursion with taxis.
  • Welcome cocktail has been moved to Monday 10h July at 19.30.
  • Student Posters will be displayed from Monday afternoon until Wednesday 12th July. Please hand in your poster if you have not done so already. There is a prize for the best poster.
    All Staff and Students must provide Photographic Identification/Passport in order to register their computer on the School Network. Please bring with you to the Registration Desk.