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Ischia, the largest of the Neapolitan islands, lies off the southern arm of the Gulf of Naples, about 10 km. from the mainland. The coastline is very jagged with fascinating promontories and enchanting coves, stupendous bays and romantic creeks, some of which are only accessible by boat. According to the most recent theories, the island of Ischia, has volcanic origins. In fact the Greek myth of Tifeo sees him as a volcanism personification: the rebellious giant who was condemned by Jupiter at the foot of the island of Pithecusae (Greek Pithekoussai), today's Ischia, erupting flames and hot boiling water and causing earthquakes by its movement.
The island is divided into 6 village areas: Ischia, Barano d’Ischia, Lacco Ameno, Forio d’Ischia, Casamicciola Terme, Serrara Fontana.
Called the "green island", because of its lush Mediterranean vegetation that typifies it, and "the island of health", for the wealth and quality of its thermal springs, Ischia is one of the most-visited destinations for tourists from all over the world, attracted by the fascination of a place that embraces nature, culture, tradition and modernity, history and myth.