:: Mr Olle Mulmo


Mr Olle Mulmo (MSc)

Olle Mulmo holds an MSc in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University, and an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Houston and held a pre-doc position at the Argonne National Laboratory where he worked in the Globus Project on software development and application integration.

After finishing his studies, he returned to Sweden in 2000, working in industry as a Software Architect at a company specialising in software for national-scale PKIs for the financial, government and mobile business sectors. He joined PDC (Centre for Parallel Computing, KTH, Stockholm) in 2002, combining his two fields of expertise by focusing on security issues in Grids. He also teamed up with former colleagues when founding the Globus Alliance in 2003.His current activities include: Security Area Director for the GGF, Chief Security Architect, EGEE, Board Member, Globus Alliance, Research and Development with particular focus on Grid Security, Advisor to local and national Grid efforts, such as SweGrid.