:: Prof Dr Simon J. Cox


Prof Dr Simon J. Cox

Simon J. Cox is the Technical Director of the Southampton Regional e-Science Centre. He has a doctorate in Electronics and Computer Science, degrees in Maths and Physics and currently holds over £5mn in research grants and industrial sponsorship. He has published over 50 papers and regularly speaks at prestigious national and international conferences.

He currently heads a team of 25 PGs and RAs in the Computational Engineering and Design Group that is applying and developing high performance computing in a variety of collaborative interdisciplinary computational science and engineering projects. These include computational electromagnetics (photonic devices – which has led to the formation of a successful spin-off company, liquid crystals, superconductors, and electrical impedance tomography), applied computational algorithms (spectral eigenvalue solvers, modelling Antarctica and other ice sheets / ice caps, coastal behaviour, and evolutionary biology), and commercial distributed computing, Engineering Informatics and the Grid. In each of these projects new algorithms are being developed and large-scale computation is being exploited to solve problems in interdisciplinary collaborations.

He recently led the technical procurement for the University of Southampton’s new 324 node supercomputer, which, following his research in this area, will be based on a commodity cluster of PCs. He is involved in industrial collaborations with Microsoft, DERA, Intel, BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce, holds research funding from EPSRC and NERC and sits on the EPSRC HSC Trends and Opportunities panel.

He also has international research collaborations with the National Science Foundation Supercomputer Centre in San
Diego, which is the lead site for the US NPACI (National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure) organisation.