:: Dr David Fergusson


Dr David Fergusson

David Fergusson took his BSc in Biochemistryfrom Aberdeen University followed by a PhD in Ecotoxicology/Biochemistry from Reading University. Following this, he did biochemical/molecular biological research in the area of ecotoxicology databases and transcriptional control/cell cycle at the UK’s Ministry of Agriculture, Moredun Institute for Animal Health, the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research and the Wellcome Unit for Molecular Parasitology, Glasgow University. This was followed by an MSc in Information Technology Systems at Heriot Watt University. After this, he joined a Bioinformatics Software development spin-off company from Edinburgh University called Aneda Biocomputing.

Currently David works at the National eScience Centre at Edinburgh University, where he is the Deputy Director for Training, Outreach and Education and he manages the Training activity of the EGEE-I project and the ICEAGE project. He has been involved in the ISSGC ’04, ’05 and ’06.