:: Dr Fabrizio Gagliardi


Dr Fabrizio Gagliardi

Fabrizio Gagliardi has a rich and lifelong experience in computing applied to particle physics experiments. Graduating in Computer Science at the University of Pisa in 1974, he joined CERN in 1975 and has held several technical and managerial positions in computing applied to particle physics experiments. He currently holds the title of senior scientist at CERN.
From January 2001 till March 2004, Fabrizio was the leader of the EU DataGrid project, a collaboration of 21 international scientific institutes and industry. As part of this activity, he has become one of the most active proponents of the Global Grid Forum of which he is cofounder and now member of its International Advisory Committee. This project completed successfully in March 2004 with excellent results.
He currently works for Microsoft in Switzerland.