:: Session 3: Day 2: Time 15:30 to 17:00
Introduction to practical facilities and obtaining certificates

Diego Romano


15:30 Introduction to practical facilities

Workstations and development environment
Network login and data server
Local computing environment

16:00 Break

16:30 Summer School Certificates
Diego Romano in collaboration with gilda team
School CA (or gilda CA)
Where to get a personal certificate (where to find it already installed)

- Introduction to Practical facilities [ppt ]
- Summer School Certificates [ppt ]


Dr Diego Romano

Diego Romano received a degree in Mathematics in 2000.
He joined the PQE 2000 project with a scholaship from the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics. He worked for the EGEE project with a contract with the University of Naples Federico II. He is currently working on the FIRB project with a contract with the Italian National Research Council. He collaborate with the University of Naples Federico II for educational training on Operating Systems.
His research interests are on parallel and distributed computing, focussing on topics such as Parallel Computer Graphics, Grids and the interactions of the two.
After his involvement in the organisation of the previous editions of the International Summer School on Grid Computing, he joined the ICEAGE project.