:: Session 10: Day 4: Time 11:00 to 12:30
Security 2: Advanced Concepts

John Watt


11:00 Authorization and Accounting

What Can I Do??
Too many models...
Access Control Lists
Privilege Managment Infrastructures (PMIs)
Tools of the Trade
The Way Ahead

12:00 Security in Practise
The Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI)
Shibboleth and Federated Trust
Current Activities

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Dr. John Watt

John is a Grid engineer for the National e-Science Centre Hub at the University of Glasgow, which he joined in early 2002. Since May 2004 he has been working with advanced Privilege Management Infrastructures (PMIs) for the DyVOSE project utilising the PERMIS access control software. He also contributes to various Shibboleth-enabling projects across the UK, and helped establish a masters-level Grid computing module at Glasgow which has completed its second year.

Prior to Grid Computing, he worked at Kymata Optoelectronics (Livingston) as an embedded software engineer for passive optical device subsystems. He holds a BSc. in Physics and a Ph.D in Experimental Particle Physics, both from the University of Glasgow.