:: Session 20: Day 7: Time 09:00 to 10:30
EGEE as an Example of a Global Production Grid

Session leader: Erwin Laure


Speaker: Erwin Laure

As result of the significant research effort put into Grid computing, large scale international as well as regional production Grid infrastructures offer their users access to distributed computing and data resources at an unprecedented level. The EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-Science) project integrates current national, regional and thematic Grid efforts, in order to create a seamless Grid infrastructure for the support of scientific research. The infrastructure, which is one of the largest of its kind world-wide, supports distributed research communities, which share common Grid computing needs and are prepared to integrate their own computing infrastructures and agree on common access policies. In this talk we will discuss issues and techniques for creating and operating such a large scale Grid infrastructure, give examples of the current usage, and discuss the long term potential of Grid technologies.

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Dr Erwin Laure

Dr. Erwin Laure is the Technical Director of the EU-funded Enabling Grids for E-Science (EGEE) project. He has been involved in Grid training for over four years and contributed to previous Grid summer schools as lecturer and program committee member. Prior to his appointment as Technical Director he was co-leading the middleware re-engineering activity of EGEE and was also the Technical Coordinator of the EU Data Grid (EDG) project. He holds a PhD in computer science and business administration from the University of Vienna, Austria and is active in research on parallel and distributed systems for over 10 years.