:: Session 26: Day 8: Time 14:30 to 16:00
Principles and Architectures for Structured Data Integration: OGSA-DAI as an example.

Malcolm Atkinson, Amy Krause, Tom Sugden


14:30 Principles and Architecture
Malcolm Atkinson
This session discusses the challenges that scientists are facing today in the integration of structured data. It will build on earlier sessions on data management and illustrate the architectural strategies for accommodating diversity and moving selection and derivation computations closer to the data. The technical challenge is to do this safely for a wide range of applications.

15:15 OGSA-DAI as an Example
Amy Krause, Tom Sugden
OGSA-DAI is a grid middleware that allows different data resources to be accessed as web services. In this session, we will give an overview of the features and the architecture of OGSA-DAI. We will present some real use-cases and scenarios to show how the software is being used in the field.

15:40 OGSA-DAI in detail
Tom Sugden, Amy Krause
This session presents a more detailed view of OGSA-DAI components. The OGSA-DAI framework is highly extensible and can be tailored to address an individual application’s requirements. Those extensibility points and how they can be exploited will be discussed.
Components such as the client toolkit which are going to be used in the following session are introduced.

- Introduction to OGSA-DAI [pdf|ppt]
- OGSA-DAI Today Release 2.2 [pdf|ppt]
- Extending OGSA-DAI [pdf|ppt]
- Distributed Query Processing with OGSA-DQP [pdf|ppt]
- OGSA-DAI Usage Scenarios [pdf|ppt]
- OGSA-DAI Client Toolkit [pdf|ppt]


Professor Malcolm Atkinson PhD, FBCS, FRSE

Malcolm Atkinson is the Director of the National e-Science Centre and the e-Science Institute. He is the UK e-Science Envoy and plays a leading role in OMII-UK, and is on the advisory boards of GOSC, NCeSS, Baltic Grid and GEON. He leads training and education in the two EU-funded projects EGEE and ICEAGE project, International Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education. These two projects have organised the ISSGC06. He is a member of the Global Grid Forum Steering Group and Data Area Director for GGF.

He began his career in computing in 1966. He has worked at seven universities: Glasgow, Pennsylvania, Edinburgh, UEA, Cambridge, Rangoon and Lancaster; and for two companies: Sun Microsystems (at SunLabs in California) and O2 (an Object-Oriented DB company in its early years in Versailles). He led the development of the Department of Computing Science in Glasgow and is now Professor of e-Science in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. He has more than 130 publications. He has taken leading roles in national strategic research and infrastructure committees.


Dr Amy Krause

Amy Krause is an Applications Consultant at EPCC, the high performace computing centre at The University of Edinburgh. She is a developer on the OGSA-DAI team and organises training events and workshops for OGSA-DAI.
She is an active member of GGF, contributing to the DAIS working group and is an author of the WS-DAI specifications.
After receiving a PhD in mathematics from the University of Bielefeld, Germany, she started working at EPCC in 2001 and has been a member of the OGSA-DAI team since 2002. She is a lecturer on the EPCC MSc on High Performance Computing.

Mr Tom Sugden, MSc

Tom Sugden is an Applications Consultant at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) in Scotland. He has been working in areas of data access and integration on the OGSA-DAI project since 2002. As well as leading the design and development of core components of the OGSA-DAI software, Tom has organised and run several international Grid tutorials and workshops. He is Technical Reviewer for the JRA4 activity of the EGEE project and a lecturer on the EPCC MSc in High Performance Computing.