:: Session 27: Day 8: Time 16:30 to 18:00
OGSA-DAI tutorial and practical.

Amy Krause and Tom Sugden


16:30 Tutorial: Introduction to OGSA-DAI
Amy Krause, Tom Sugden
This tutorial gives an overview of the client-side tools that are available in OGSA-DAI. A walk through of a simple data integration scenario will be presented with the graphical client. Using the client toolkit APIs for Java, students practice connecting to an OGSA-DAI data service and performing simple operations.

17:30 Advanced Tutorial
Amy Krause, Tom Sugden
The advanced practical builds upon the scenario that has been introduced in the GT4 advanced practical. Again, students are asked to prepare for the exploration of shapes on a surface by generating and storing sets of 2D data.
This practical adds a data access component to the scenario, providing coordinates of starting points in an OGSA-DAI enabled database. Students will extend GT4 clients developed in the previous advanced practical to retrieve data from the database and use these as starting points for the number and 2D data generation. As an additional challenge students can probe and visualise areas of the surface.
This practical teaches techniques for interacting with data services on the grid and using them in combination with other services. Furthermore, skills acquired during this exercise can be applied to the final integrating practical.

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Dr Amy Krause

Amy Krause is an Applications Consultant at EPCC, the high performace computing centre at The University of Edinburgh. She is a developer on the OGSA-DAI team and organises training events and workshops for OGSA-DAI.
She is an active member of GGF, contributing to the DAIS working group and is an author of the WS-DAI specifications.
After receiving a PhD in mathematics from the University of Bielefeld, Germany, she started working at EPCC in 2001 and has been a member of the OGSA-DAI team since 2002. She is a lecturer on the EPCC MSc on High Performance Computing.

Mr Tom Sugden, MSc

Tom Sugden is an Applications Consultant at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) in Scotland. He has been working in areas of data access and integration on the OGSA-DAI project since 2002. As well as leading the design and development of core components of the OGSA-DAI software, Tom has organised and run several international Grid tutorials and workshops. He is Technical Reviewer for the JRA4 activity of the EGEE project and a lecturer on the EPCC MSc in High Performance Computing.