:: Session 30: Day 9: Time 14:30 to 16:00
the EGEE Middleware: gLite Tutorial

Session leader – Roberto Barbera


14:30 gLite Overview and Security, the GILDA t-infrastructure

Roberto Barbera
Subtopics: Overview of the gLite middleware and interactions of the gLite services.
Introduction to personal digital certificates, proxies, groups and roles inside a Virtual Organization, delegation of credentials and MyProxy.
Introduction to the GILDA t-infrastructure: components, applications, how to join, how to ask for support.

15:00 gLite Information System and Workload Management System
Diego Scardaci
Subtopics: Information System Architectures: Berkeley DB Information System (BDII) and R-GMA.
Job Description Language and Job Management (Submission, Monitoring, Job Retrieving).
Special Jobs: Parametric Jobs, DAGs, Job Collections, MPI.

15:30 gLite Data Management System
Tony Calanducci
Subtopics: Architecture of the gLite DMS.
Storage Elements and File Catalogs.
Grid File Access Libraries and tools.
Introduction to the AMGA Metadata Catalogue.

- The gLite middleware [ppt]
- gLite Information System and Workload Management System [ppt]
- Architecture of Lite Data Management System [ppt]


Prof Roberto Barbera


Dr Tony Calanducci

Tony Calanducci was born in Milan on 18th February, 1977. He graduated cum laude in Computer Science at the University of Catania on April 2004. He carried out the preparation of his final thesis at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, a Department of New York University, in New York City, where he dealt with subjects such as parallel and distributed programming paradigms and Multiple Sequence Alignment of biosequences.

After his graduation, he worked as a consultant for the Italian National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) in Catania, where his tasks were related to grid site and network management and grid web portal development.
Since May 2005, he is involved in the Enabling Grid for E-Science project, at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), as a member of NA3 (User Training and Induction) and NA4 (Application Identification and Support) activities. He took part as a trainer in many induction and dissemination events on Grids and LCG/gLite middleware held all over the world. During the last months his efforts were devoted to metadata management and database access on the grid.
Since 1996 he has worked as an independent computer consultant for many commercial businesses, dealing with tasks such as building personal computers, software development and network design, and sales.

Dr Diego Scardaci

I was born in Catania, Italy, on September 11, 1975. I got my degree in Computer Science Engineering on july, 21, 2000, thesis: "Un framework per la sicurezza delle applicazioni ad agenti mobili".
In 2001 I have worked as Research Collaborator for Department of Computer Engineering and Telecomunications (DIIT) of Engineering Faculty of University of Catania. I studied mobile agent system and security models for mobile agent system.
Since 2002-2005 I have worked as Researcher for Telecom Italia Lab (the research centre of Telecom Italia group, formerly CSELT) and I have designed and developed innovative platforms and services for the mobile telephony operator TIM.
Since 2006 I work as Software Engineer Consultant for the EUChinaGRID Europe project at INFN Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics. on the grid.