:: Session 33: Day 10: Time 11:00 to 12:30
Semantic Grid practical

Pinar Alper and Oscar Corcho


Introductory practical: development of semantically-enabled sticky notes, extending the work done in the GT4 tutorial.
Advanced practical: exploring the possibility of including lifetime information for the semantic metadata generated for sticky notes.

The practical will involve extending the implementation provided for the GT4 sticky note tutorial. Sticky notes will be created with associated semantics in the form of RDF triples based on a RDFS ontology. Each note will be associated with a type of event according to an event domain model, will have different information about the contents, etc. Users will be able to query community indices according to this model in order to retrieve notes in such a way that reasoning will be required.

- Semantic Sticky Note: RDF Metadata Access and Querying Using GT4 Java WS [ppt]
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Ms. Pinar Alper (MPhil, MSc)

Pinar Alper (MPhil, MSc.) works as a Research Associate in the Information Management Group, University of Manchester. She currently participates in the EU FP6 IST project OntoGrid (FP6-511513), and has participated in UK e-Science pilot project myGrid. Her research work focuses on application of semantics in the areas of Web Services and the service oriented Grid. Particularly her focus is on semantically enabled service description and discovery.

Dr. Oscar Corcho

Dr. Oscar Corcho works as a post-doctoral Marie Curie fellow at the University of Manchester. He received the third Spanish award in Computer Science from the Spanish Government in 2001. He participates at the EU FP6 IST project OntoGrid (FP6-511513), and has participated in the HALO project (funded by Vulcan, Inc.), and in the following EU IST projects from FP5 and FP6: Esperonto (IST-2001-34373), DIP (FP6-507483), HOPS (IST-2002-507967), SWWS (IST-2001-37134), OntoWeb (IST-2000-25056), and Knowledge Web (IST-2003-507482). He has published the books "Ontological Engineering" and "A layered declarative approach to ontology translation with knowledge preservation", over 30 journal and conference/workshop papers. He has belonged to the programme committees of several workshops and conferences, chaired the demo/industrial sessions at EKAW2002, co-organised the ISWC2003 and ISWC2004 Workshops on Evaluation of Ontology Tools (EON2003, EON2004) and will be the sponsor chair of the ESWC2006 conference.