:: Session 37.5: Day 11: Time 18:00 to 19:00
GridCC: Real-time instrumentation grids

Gaetano Maron


- GridCC: Real-time Instrumentations Grids [ppt]


Dr Gaetano Maron

Gaetano Maron is a senior technologist at National Laboratories of Legnaro – INFN.
He graduated in Physics at Padova University, 1980. He joined INFN in 1984 after four years experience as a software developer at a leading Italian industrial automation company. He has been a Visitor at CERN since 1986. Maron is currently team leader of “Information and Electronics Technologies Service” at the National Laboratory of Legnaro. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing data acquisition and on-line systems for both nuclear and high energy experiments.

He is currently involved in the Trigger/Data Acquisition project of CMS experiment at CERN where he leads the “run control” design team. He has been responsible for the design and development of the on-line system of several experiments like GASP (1992) and Euroball (1996), a European initiative to build a full solid-angle gamma array detector. He has the design responsibility for the on-line system for the Agata experiment, a European initiative to build a new-generation gamma array detector.