:: Mr Harald Barth


Mr Harald Barth

Currently Harald has a job at PDC. His primary fields are storage and networking, so somehow most of the interopability problems between different (mostly Unix) systems end up in his lap. There they get taken care of or killed. One could say that's "building computing infrastructure".

His former work areas at PDC have included the VR-Cube and the Fujitsu VX.

His involvement in OpenAFS and Arla resulted in being member of the OpenAFS Council of Elders.

Harald runs a small consulting one-man-show, too. It is called HABADAT.

Former employments include PI.SE where he built up the ISP infrastructure and at Axiom AB wich produced a CAD symbol compiler. PI.SE got bought by France Telecom and Axiom by Mentor Graphics, so he moved on.

Harald has attended and completed a lot of courses in the computer science program of KTH. When pigz fly and hell freezes over he will actually checkout a degree.