:: Mr Ted Wen


Mr Ted Wen, BA

Ted Wen took his BA in Linguistics at Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1986 where he also worked as a research assistant in computer-aided education until 1989. He then began work at Beijing Stone Corporation, where he worked from 1990-1996 as an application programmer, moving on to Xunyifa Software House in 1997 where he worked as a programmer /analyst.

In 1999 he began working for Microsoft China as a consultant, moving on to Loughborough University from 2000-2001 as a Research Associate.

Ted Wen currently works at the National e-Science Centre in Edinburgh as a Software engineer/developer. He is a fluent Java and C++ user with some experience in Python. He enjoys object-oriented design methodology, UML, modelling in XML and using relational databases. Projects he has worked on include the BinX library, AstroBinx, Osage and PDQ-Wizard.