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Ischia is an island and is normally accessed via Naples by boat, so you will need to travel to Naples first, then take a boat to Ischia.

Via Airplane
The closest domestic and international airport to Ischia is Capodichino Airport just outside of Naples. If you are flying to Italy from the U.S., it is likely that you will stopover at Malpensa Airport in Milan or Fiumicino Airport in Rome, and then make a connecting flight to Naples. There are direct flights into Naples from Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Munich and Brussels, in addition to national flights from Rome and Milan.
Via Train
You can reach Naples by train. There are three main train stations in Naples: Central Station (or Napoli Piazza Garibaldi, which is located exactly under the Central Station), Mergellina Station, and Campi Flegrei Station. The train service from Rome is frequent, and the trip takes about two hours.

There is a direct bus connection called Alibus which connects Naples Airport, Central Rail Station, and Molo Beverello harbour, no other stops. Service starts at 6.30 and stops at 23.30, trips each 30 minutes. Special fare 3 Euro.
Regular bus from Airport to Central Rail Station / Piazza Garibaldi, line 3S: 1 Euro. Tickets are valid for 90 minutes and cover all commuter traffic (bus, metro, local trains, trams) in the region.

To go from the Central Rail Station to Mergelina, take Metro line 2 towards Pozzouli.

To go from the Central Rail Station to Pozzouli harbour, take first Metro line 2 to Montesanto (towards Pozzouli). Then in Montesanto, change to local train line "Cumana" direction Pozzouli. The "Cumana" Pozzouli station is near the harbour. The Metro line 2 stop in Pozzouli is far from the harbour.

Taxi service is 24 hours a day.

There are three harbours with boat service between mainland and Ischia Porto: Molo Beverello, Mergellina and Pozzuoli:
From Naples - Molo Beverello to Ischia Porto
 Departure   Transport   Operated by   With intermediate stops   Notes 
6:25 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
7:35 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Sat.
7:50 Hydrofoil CAREMAR -  
8:40 Ferry MEDMAR -  
8:55 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
9:35 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
9:55 Hydrofoil CAREMAR Procida  
10:55 Ferry CAREMAR -  
12:05 Hydrofoil ALILAURO Naples - Mergellina  
12:50 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
13:10 Hydrofoil CAREMAR Procida  
13:55 Ferry MEDMAR -  
14:30 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
15:10 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
15:30 Hydrofoil ALILAURO Naples - Mergellina  
15:40 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
17:00 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
17:30 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
17:50 Hydrofoil ALILAURO Naples - Mergellina  
18:15 Hydrofoil CAREMAR -  
19:00 Ferry MEDMAR - Sun. only
19:20 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
20:00 Hydrofoil ALILAURO Naples - Mergellina Mon.-Sat.
20:10 Hydrofoil CAREMAR -  
21:55 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
From Naples - Mergellina to Ischia Porto
 Departure   Transport   Operated by   With intermediate stops   Notes 
7:10 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Sat.
9:10 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Sat.
12:20 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
14:05 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Fri.
15:45 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
18:05 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
20:15 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Sat.
From Pozzuoli to Ischia Porto
 Departure   Transport   Operated by   With intermediate stops   Notes 
5:50 Ferry MEDMAR - Mon.-Sat.
6:40 Ferry MEDMAR - Mon.,Wed.,Sat.
9:30 Ferry MEDMAR -  
9:55 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
11:20 Ferry MEDMAR -  
13:30 Ferry MEDMAR -  
13:50 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
14:40 Ferry MEDMAR -  
16:30 Ferry MEDMAR -  
17:40 Ferry MEDMAR -  
18:55 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
20:20 Ferry MEDMAR - Mon.-Sat.
From Ischia Porto to Naples - Molo Beverello
 Departure   Transport   Operated by   With intermediate stops   Notes 
6:35 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Sat.
6:40 Ferry MEDMAR -  
6:45 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
6:50 Hydrofoil CAREMAR -  
8:35 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
8:50 Hydrofoil CAREMAR -  
9:00 Ferry CAREMAR -  
9:20 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Sat.
10:00 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Sat.
10:15 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Sun.
10:30 Ferry MEDMAR -  
11:40 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
12:00 Hydrofoil CAREMAR Procida  
13:50 Ferry CAREMAR -  
14:00 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
14:15 Hydrofoil CAREMAR Procida  
15:20 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
15:50 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Sat.-Sun.
16:15 Hydrofoil CAREMAR Procida  
17:00 Ferry MEDMAR - Sun.
17:15 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
19:00 Hydrofoil ALILAURO Naples-Mergellina Mon.-Sat.
19:10 Hydrofoil CAREMAR -  
19:30 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
20:10 Ferry CAREMAR -  
From Ischia Porto to Naples - Mergellina
 Departure   Transport   Operated by   With intermediate stops   Notes 
8:00 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Sat.
10:00 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Sat.
10:15 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Sun.
13:10 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
14:00 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
15:25 Hydrofoil ALILAURO - Mon.-Fri.
16:50 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
19:00 Hydrofoil ALILAURO -  
From Ischia Porto to Pozzuoli
 Departure   Transport   Operated by   With intermediate stops   Notes 
2:30 Ferry MEDMAR - Mon.-Sat.
4:00 Ferry MEDMAR - Tue., Thu., Fri.
5:00 Ferry MEDMAR - Mon., Wed., Sat.
7:50 Ferry MEDMAR Procida Int. stop on Sun.
8:30 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
11:10 Ferry MEDMAR -  
11:20 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
13:00 Ferry MEDMAR -  
15:00 Ferry MEDMAR -  
16:00 Ferry MEDMAR -  
17:35 Ferry CAREMAR Procida  
19:00 Ferry MEDMAR - Sun.
The transfer time between the mainland and Ischia will depend on distance between harbours, weather conditions and intermediate stops. Generally the hydrofoil will take less than the ferry. On the maximum distance with intermediate stops the slowest boat will take 1:45 hours. The fast hydrofoil will take around 40 minutes. Prices vary between arond 6 and 18 Euro.
There are two other arrival harbours on Ischia: Casamicciola and Forio d'Ischia. They are well connected by bus with Ischia Porto.

Jolly Hotel is in Ischia town, 400 meters SE of the harbour Ischia Porto.

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