Contents of volume XLVIII (1999) issue 1

L. Rempulska - M. Skorupka: On some operators in weighted spaces of functions of two variables 1-20
G.P. Galdi - S. Matusu-Necasova: Existence and uniqueness of classical solutions of the equations of motion modified second-grade fluids and instability of the rest state 21-53
F. Cioffi: Minimally generating ideals of points in polynomial time using linear algebra 55-63
A. Bordin: Single p-wavelets in L2(R) 65-70
C. De Vivo - G. Giordano: On a class of groups whose normal subgroups are characteristic 71-80
E. Lanconelli - A. Pascucci: On The fundamental solution for hypoelliptic second order partial differential equations with non-negative characteristic form 81-106
A. Prignet: Continous dependence with respect to the operator of entropy solutions of elliptic problems with right hand side in L1 107-116
A. Soranzo: On a symmetry problem for polygons 117-122
G. Ilardi: Rational varieties satisfying one or more laplace equations 123-137
L. Carbone - R De Arcangelis: Unbounded functionals: Applications to the homogenizations of gradient constrained problems 139-182

Contents of volume XLVIII (1999) issue 2

C: Conca J. Saint Jean Paulin: Limiting behaviour of tube displacements in a Stokes flow 183-200
P.M. Lo Re - D. Olanda: Grassmann space associated with a planar space 201-210
W.F. Pfeffer: The Lebesgue and Denjoy-perron integrals from a descriptive point of view 211-223
D. Cruz-Uribe - C. Neugebauer: Weighted norm inequalities for the centered maximal operator on R+ 225-241
S. Zaidman: Estimate ofr the commutator[A(x,D),Is] in B1,s(Rn) 243-248
D. Percivale: Continuity of solutions of a class of linear non uniformly elliptic equations 249-258
M.R. Crisci - E. Russo - A. vecchio: Convergence of discrete-time relaxation methods based on Volterra backward differentiation formulas 259-271
P. Maroscia: Alcuni risultati sui codici-gruppo 273-280
J.M. Mercier: Global existence and long term estimation for an integro-differential system 281-296
R. Maier: Polycyclic-by-finite groups and strong Carter subgroups 297-304
V. Esposito: On the Cauchy problem for a class of hyperbolic equations with double characteristics. A priori estimates and existence results 305-322
S. Abenda: Comparison results and a priori estimates for weak solutions of the Signorini problem 323-352
M. De Falco: Groups satisfying the minimal condition on non-supersoluble subgroups 353-360
S. Franciosi - F. de Giovanni - Y.P. Sysak: Groups with many nilpotent-by-polycyclic subgroups 361-378
A. Passarelli di Napoli: A regularity result for a class of polyconvex functionals 379-393