Indice del volume XLIII (1994) fascicolo 1

H: Exton: The solution of Heun's equation 3-9
A. Jourani: Tangent directions, tangential approximations and differentaibility of the marginal function 11-30
M.B.S. Laporta - E. Laserra: Alcune osservazioni sulla distribuzione dei numeri di Hardy-Littlewood nelle progressioni aritmetiche 31-34
S. Leonardi: On embedding theorems and Nemytskii's operator in weighted Sobolev spaces 35-44
T. Aho - T. Niemen: Spaces in which preopen subsets are semiopen 45-59
R. Lucchetti - A. Pasquale: The bounded Vietoris topology and applications 61-78
M. Pastèka: A note about the submeasures and Fermat last theorem 79-90
J. Peetre: The differential equation y' p-yp=(p>0) 91-128
A. Di Crescenzo - G.C. Rota: Sul calcolo umbrale 129-162
A. d'Alessio - G. Giunta - G. Schmid: Sul posizionamento del problema di inversine della trasformazione di Laplace 163-174

Indice del volume XLIII (1994) fascicolo 2

C. Murolo: Whitney homology, cohomology and Stenrod squares 175-204
I. Ramella: Ideals of points in generic position: a polynomial algorithm for computing a minimal set of generators 205-217
S. Freni: Spazi lineari su v punti con v-2 rette a due a due incidenti 219-230
D.J.S. Robinson - W. Yang: On subsemigroups and submonoids of a group 231-237
A. Gaudiello: Asymptotic behaviour of non-homogeneous Neumann problems in domains with oscillating boundary 239-292
A. d'Alessio - L. D'Amore - G. Laccetti: An effective discretization error estimate of Fourier series methods for the numerical inversion of the Laplace Transform 293-307
C. Casolo - S. Franciosi - F. de Giovanni: groups with finitely many infinite conjugacy classes of subnormal subgroups 309-321
E. Ferrara Dentice - N. Melone: Su una classe di spazi planari 323-333
R. Musina: Lower bounds for the p-energy and a minimization property of the map x/|x| 335-346
W. Filter: Some remarks on localness in Riesz spaces of continuous functions 347-355
S. Salvati: A caharacterization of Boolean algebras 357-363
F.C. Liu - W.S. Tai: Maximal mean steepness and Lusin type properties 365-384
E. Wajch: When all mappings are almost continuous 385-390