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New connections between dynamical systems and Hamiltonian PDEs
NAPOLI, April 1- June 6, 2009
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To register for the final Maiori workshop, please send an e-mail to michela.procesi at unina.it before April 30.

For reservations, please contact directly Sunland Viaggi e Turismo, e-mail booking@sunland.it, tel: +39.89.877.455, fax: +39.89.877.781, skype: annasunland.

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The intensive period is thought as an up to date introduction to the fascinating field of Hamiltonian Partial Differential Equations, up to the most challenging research open problems in this field. The study of this field requires tools of Dynamical Systems, KAM theory, Nash-Moser implicit function theory, Cauchy problems for PDEs, Variational Methods, local and global Bifurcation Theory.

See also the previous shorter summer school on Hamiltonian PDE's and Variational Method held in September, 2008.

The period is organized in three different phases:

Period 1, from the beginning of April to mid-May: Introduction

From the beginning of April to mid-May there will be seminars and introductory short courses. This part will take place in the Dipartimento di Matematica e Applicazioni R. Caccioppoli of the Università Federico II in Napoli.

Confirmed lectures and speakers are Pietro Baldi, Luca Biasco, Philippe Bolle, Piero D'Ancona, Amadeu Delshams, Ivar Ekeland, Dino Fortunato, Guido Gentile, Gérard Iooss, Andrea Malchiodi, Alessandro Portaluri, Michela Procesi, Alfonso Sorrentino, Fabio Zanolin.

Period 2, May 18-30: Advanced School

In the last two weeks of May (May 18-30) there will be more concentrated and advanced courses. This part will take place in the old center of Napoli, on the prestigious premises of the Società Nazionale di Scienze, Lettere e Arti in Napoli.

The planned courses are:

June 1-5: Final Workshop

In the first week of June there will be a workshop in the Costiera Amalfitana. The speakers who have already accepted are D. Bambusi, V. Benci, F. Calogero, Cheng Chong-Qing, L. Chierchia, J. Colliander, W. Craig, D. Dolgopyat, R. de la Llave, G. Gallavotti, J. Geng, V. Georgiev, B. Grébert, M. Groves, V. Y. Kaloshin, A. Kiselev,L. Stolovich, S. Terracini, J. Toland, C. Viterbo, S. Volberg, W.M. Wang, Xiaoping Yuan, J. You.

We have some funds to support living expenses for young PhD students and post doc. If you need it, write to Michela Procesi (michela.procesi unina.it) attaching a short CV. The deadline is March 1, 2009.

D. Bambusi (Milano), M. Berti (Napoli), V. Coti Zelati (Napoli), W. Craig (McMaster), S. Kuksin (École Polythecnique, Paris), C.E. Wayne (Boston).

Indam, Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica Francesco Severi

ERC-European Research Council, Starting Grants, "Hamiltonian PDEs: new connections between dynamical systems and PDEs with small divisors phenomena"

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