:: Cost

The cost of the School will be 1500 euros per student. This sum should be paid upon receipt of the letter of acceptance. Please pay attention to use the following information correctly.
Bank account:
  Istituto Bancario San Paolo IMI - Banco di Napoli - AG. 53
  Via Diocleziano, 34/40
  80125 Napoli
  From Italy: CIN: A    ABI: 01010   CAB: 03453    C/C N. 1000/823
  Other Countries: IBAN: IT07 A010 1003 4531 0000 0000 823    BIC: NAPBITNN
  Account Holder: Almerico Murli

This sum covers tuition, accommodation, full board and two daily coffee breaks, from dinner on Sunday, 10 July to lunch on Friday 22 July 2005. Some social activities, details of which will be given at a later time, are also included in the price. It does NOT include travel expenses from the participants' home institute to the hotel in Vico Equense, Italy and back.