:: About the School
The School will be held in Vico Equense, Italy (near Naples) from Sunday 10th till Friday 22th July 2005.
The school will consist of lectures by experts in various aspects of grid middleware and grid applications and laboratory sessions in which the students will carry out practical exercises.

UPDATE: Curriculum
Educational Goals

:: Scope
The school will provide an in-depth introduction to Grid technologies and applications. The hands-on laboratory exercises will give participants practical experience with widely used Grid middleware software for basic Grid activities. By the end of the school, students will be familiar with the fundamental components of Grid environments, such as authentication, authorization, resource access, and resource discovery; able to use grid environments for basic and advanced job submission; and conversant in Grid efforts worldwide and key emerging Grid applications.

:: Target Audience
The target audience consists of young researchers (from technical industries, research laboratories, and academic environments) who have recently started (or are about to start) working on grid research projects - of which there are many funded by the EU, the US and countries in Asia Pacific.
Prospective students from computer science, computational science and application backgrounds will be encouraged to apply; the school will be designed assuming students have diverse preparation.
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Grid computing is an important new field, distinguished from conventional distributed computing by its focus on large-scale resource sharing and innovative applications but there are few opportunities to learn the basics of grid computing hands-on.

The curriculum of the school will include lectures on the main topics of Grid development and technology, as well as emerging key grid applications. The lectures will be given in the mornings. In the afternoons the practical exercises will take place on the equipment installed in the school site in Vico Equense, Italy (near Naples), which will be the same hotel that successfully hosted the International Summer School on Grid Computing 2003 and The 2nd International Summer School on Grid Computing 2004.
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The curriculum for the school is being designed by an international program committee of experts. The members of the program committee are:
Miron Livny (chair) University of Wisconsin
Malcolm Atkinson(vice chair) University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh
Giovanni Aloisio University of Lecce
Roberto Barbera University of Catania and INFN
Ian Foster Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago
Geoffrey Fox Indiana University
Fabrizio Gagliardi CERN
Satoshi Matsuoka Tokyo Institute of Technology
Almerico Murli University of Naples, Federico II and ICAR-Napoli CNR
David Snelling Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

To support the hands-on laboratory sessions, a testbed will be established that will host widely used middleware produced by projects in the US, the EU, and in Asia Pacific (AP). The testbed will be connected to major international science grids and thus provide a rich environment for hands-on learning and experimentation.

:: Cancellation and Replacement
The Program Committee reserves the right to refuse reimbursement of part or all of the fee in the case of late cancellation. However, each case of cancellation will be considered individually.

In all cases of withdrawal or cancellation, whether last-minute or otherwise, the choice of a replacement, if any, will lie entirely with the Program Committee and not with the institution concerned.

:: Sponsors
The school is being sponsored by the Global Grid Forum and funding support has been pledged by the UK e-Science Program, HP, IBM, the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR-Napoli), Institute for Composite and Biomedical Materials (IMCB), and SPACI consortium, FIRB Grid.it Project, EGEE Project, Condor Project.

:: Organizing Committee

Members of the Organizing Committee

:: Contacts
For any info send an email to the enquiries mail list

Enquiries and Correspondence

:: Accomodation
Participants will be accommodated in the Hotel Oriente, 100 metres from the beach, overlooking the sea.