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Vico Equense is situated on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Neapolitan coast, halfway between Sorrento and Castellammare di Stabia. Nowadays a famous tourist resort, boasting modern accommodation and well-equipped bathing structures, Vico Equense preserves much evidence of its past: the ex-Cathedral or church of the Annunciation, that is the only example of Gothic architecture on the Sorrento peninsula and that contains important works of art, among them some canvases by Giuseppe Bonito, the Giusso Castle, founded by Charles II of Anjou and later rebuilt between the seventeenth and nineteenth century, an interesting Antiquarium, exhibiting archaeological material from a necropolis discovered in the urban area and dating back to a period from the seventh to the fifth century BC, and the prestigious Mineralogical Museum of Campania, that contains about 3,500 mineral specimens from all over the world. Thanks to its favourable position, Vico Equense is the ideal starting point for pleasant excursions to the delightful towns and the places of greatest scenic attraction on the Sorrento Peninsula and in Campania.