:: Session 18: Day 6: Time 14:30 to 17:30
GT4 Practical (Introductory and Advanced)

Lisa Childers, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Charles Bacon

Abstract , Introductory Practical:
The introductory tutorial provides an introduction to programming java services with the latest version of the Globus Toolkit, GT4. During the tutorial students learn how to build a java service that makes use of GT4 mechanisms for state management, security, registry and related topics. It is organized as a series of hands-on exercises in which students add increasing functionality to a skeletal service implementation. Fundamental patterns and interactions of grid computing are highlighted.

Abstract, Advanced Practical:
The advanced tutorial provide prerequisite information for a scenario commonly required in research, i.e., using distributed computing to search vast amounts of data for patterns of interest. During the advanced practical students will write client code that interacts with several pre-written GT4 services. The services enable the exploration and discovery of shapes on a surface; they include a surface generator (useful in probing existing surfaces) and datafile manager.

Combined with the introductory "Build a Service" tutorial, the advanced practical equips students with information essential for developing and interacting with Grid services. Furthermore, the advanced practical teaches students data management and surface-generation techniques that can be applied in the final data exploration practical.

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Ms Rachana Ananthakrishnan, MSc

Rachana Ananthakrishnan took an MSc in Computer Science in 2002. She worked as an Associate Instructor at the Dept of Computer Science at Indiana University in 2000, becoming a Research Assistant at the Extreme Computing Lab at Indiana from 2001 – 2002. She then worked as a pre-Doctoral appointee at the Distributed Systems Lab (Argonne National Laboratory) from 2002 – 2004.

She currently divides her time between the Computational Institute at the University of Chicago and working as a Senior Software Developer at the Distributed Systems Lab at Argonne.

She developed the current authorization engine in the Java Globus Tookit 4.0 core, as well as many of the available plug-ins, and is now leading all Java Globus Tookit security development work. She also worked on the GT3 security infrastructure, developed the Community Authorization Service (CAS), and the GT4 Delegation Service. Currently, she is working with the GT team on the design and development of the next-generation attribute and authorization framework.

Mr Charles Bacon

Charles Bacon is packaging coordinator for the Globus Toolkit. He is the author of the GT4 Sysadmin Guide as well as the GT4 Quickstart, and a co-author of the GT4 Build A Service Tutorial.

Dr Lisa Childers

As the Technical Product Manager for the Globus Toolkit, Lisa Childers' responsibilities include overall coordination of GT4 development and serving as a technical point-of-contact to various international partners, collaborators and users of Globus software. Lisa has delivered numerous tutorials worldwide on the Globus Toolkit, and is coauthor of the book "Globus Toolkit 4: Programming Java Services". She is a member of the Globus Alliance through her affiliation with the Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) Division at Argonne National Laboratory, where she has worked since 1997, as well as through the Computation Institute of University of Chicago.

Prior to her association with the Globus Alliance, Lisa worked in the Futures Laboratory of Argonne as a Senior Scientific Programmer. As a member of the Futures Lab, Lisa helped to found the Access Grid, a multimedia, wide-area, group-to-group collaboration framework. Before joining Argonne, Lisa spent 15 years in the employ of the statistical software company SPSS, Inc. It was in her position as Senior Software Engineer at SPSS that Lisa gained experience in creating production-quality software.