:: Session 8.5: Day 3: Time 18:45 to 19:05
OGF & Standardisation Work

Malcolm Atkinson and Steven Newhouse


18:45 Standards Development
The development of standards is essential to enable effective development of Grids. Interoperability depends on well-specified and carefully chosen standards that are widely adopted. The stages of standard development, the current status of standards and experiences of working on standards will be described. We will tell you about GGF as well as other standards development organisations (SDOs) and encourage you to consider contributing to standardisation efforts. The discussion will describe the activity in the Open Grid Services Architecture Working Group as it composes and profiles specifications from GGF and elsewhere, and the ongoing interoperability efforts within the global Grid community to validate implementations of these specifications.

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Professor Malcolm Atkinson PhD, FBCS, FRSE

Malcolm Atkinson is the Director of the National e-Science Centre and the e-Science Institute. He is the UK e-Science Envoy and plays a leading role in OMII-UK, and is on the advisory boards of GOSC, NCeSS, Baltic Grid and GEON. He leads training and education in the two EU-funded projects EGEE and ICEAGE project, International Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education. These two projects have organised the ISSGC06. He is a member of the Global Grid Forum Steering Group and Data Area Director for GGF.

He began his career in computing in 1966. He has worked at seven universities: Glasgow, Pennsylvania, Edinburgh, UEA, Cambridge, Rangoon and Lancaster; and for two companies: Sun Microsystems (at SunLabs in California) and O2 (an Object-Oriented DB company in its early years in Versailles). He led the development of the Department of Computing Science in Glasgow and is now Professor of e-Science in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. He has more than 130 publications. He has taken leading roles in national strategic research and infrastructure committees.


Dr Steven Newhouse

Steven Newhouse is Director of the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute UK, a collaborative e-Science project between the University of Southampton (where he is based), the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Manchester. He is a member of the Global Grid Forum (GGF) Steering group, where he is responsible for Application Standards, and is on the management or supervisory boards of the Grid Operational Support Centre (GOSC), AstroGrid and GridPP. He remains active in the Open Grid Services Architecture Working Group (OGSA-WG) of the GGF.

Before moving to Southampton in June 2004 he was the Sun Lecturer in e-Science in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London and Technical Director of the London e-Science Centre (LeSC) also based at Imperial. His early research work was in Computational Underwater Acoustic Modelling at the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College. He moved to the Imperial College Parallel Computing Centre in 1998 where he developed the Centre’s research and equipment portfolio through collaborative projects with the College’s main computational users. He led the Centre’s research activity in ICENI – the Imperial College e-Science Networked Infrastructure – a service oriented architecture built using Java and Jini that provided a gateway to other infrastructures.