Analysis, Control and Inverse Problems for PDEs

26th-30th November 2018, Napoli (Italy)

Workshop of the French-German-Italian LIA (Laboratoire International Associe) COPDESC on Applied Analysis


Here you can download the book of abstracts.


 Fatiha Alabau-Boussouira 
  • Control and indirect stabilization, examples and applications

 Fabio Ancona  
  • Exponential Stability of Large BV Solutions in a Model of Granular flow

 Pietro Baldi
  • Control of water waves and quasilinear evolution PDEs

 Davide Barilari 
  • On the regularity of abnormal minimizers for rank 2 sub-Riemannian structures

 Paolo Baroni  
  • Some regularity results on double phase variational integrals

  Vincenzo Basco
  • Necessary conditions for infinite horizon optimal control problems under state constraints and Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations

 Karine Beauchard 
  • Null controllability of hypoelliptic equations on the whole space

 Silvia Bertoluzza
  • Natural norm stabilization of unstable numerical methods

 Ugo Boscain
  • The self-adjointness of the Laplacian and the underlying geometry

 Barbara Brandolini
  • A sharp estimate for Neumann eigenvalues of the Laplace-Beltrami operator for domains in a hemisphere

 Francesca Bucci
  • On Riccati equations arising in the optimal boundary control of certain PDE systems with predominant or full hyperbolic character
 Dorin Bucur  
  • Maximization of Neumann eigenvalues
 Giuseppe Buttazzo
  • Optimal reinforcing networks for elastic structures

 Annalisa Cesaroni
  •  On the optimization of conservation laws at a junction

 Maria Teresa Chiri
  •   Conservation laws for a network of supply chains with discontinuous speed and finite buffer

 Christian Clason 
  • Bouligand-Landweber iteration for a non-smooth ill-posed problem

 Giuseppe Maria Coclite
  •  Nonlinear Peridynamic Models

 Jean-Michel Coron
  •  From the water clocks to the regulation of rivers

 Michel Cristofol
  •  Simultaneous determination of the drift and diffusion coefficients in stochastic differential equations
 Herber Egger
  •   Estimation of flow geometry and wall shear stress from magnetic resonance measurements                 
 Sylvain Ervedoza
  •   Minimal time issues for the observability of Grushin like equations

 Genni Fragnelli
  •   A degenerate population equation: Carleman estimates and null controllability

 Helene Frankowska 
  •  Invariance of Sets under Semilinear Systems

 Nicola Fusco
  •   Asymptotic stability of the gradient  flow of nonlocal energies

 Olivier Glass
  •   One-side boundary controllability of the p-system

 Paola Goatin
  •  Traffic control by autonomous vehicles

 Falk M. Hante
  •  Hybrid System Theory for Gas Network Operation

 Amaury Hayat
  •  Stabilization of 1D nonlinear hyperbolic equations in fluid mechanics

 Radu Ignat
  •   A De Giorgi type conjecture for minimal solutions to a nonlinear Stokes equation

 Flaviana Iurlano 
  • Concentration analysis of brittle damage

 Brigit Jacob
  •  On continuity of solutions for parabolic control systems and input-to-state stability
 Domenico Angelo La Manna
  •  An Isoperimetric Problem with a Nonlocal Term

  Francesco Leonetti
  •  Maximum principles for some elliptic systems

 Pierre Lissy
  •  Internal controls for a problem with fractional Laplacian using finite-difference method
 Frederic Marbach
  • Quadratic Controllability

 Pierangelo Marcati
  •  QHD: when  fluid dynamics meets with quantum mechanics

 Antonio Marigonda
  •  A Bolza problem in Wasserstein space

 Manuel Marschall
  •  Bayesian inversion with adaptive low-rank approximation

  Patrick Martinez
  •   The cost of controlling parabolic equations with inverse square potential or degeneracy inside
 Cristian Mendico
  • Long time behavior of first order mean field games on euclidean space

 Morgan Morancey
  •  A block moments method: dealing with spectral condensation in the minimal null control time problem for parabolic systems with scalar control
 Kirsten A. Morris
  •   Optimal Actuator Location in Semi-linear PDEs

 Guillaume Olive
  •  Observability inequalities with compact remainder

 Michele Palladino
  •   On a Model for the Growth of Tree Stems and Vines

 Benoit Perthame
  •  Tumor growth: from compressible models to free boundary problems

 Alessio Porretta 
  • The turnpike property in mean field games

 Camille Pouchol
  •  Phase portrait control for 1D monostable and bistable reaction-diffusion equations
 Aldo Pratelli
  •   Some existence results for the isoperimetric problem with double density

 Yannick Privat
  •  Optimal control of resources for species survival

  Francesco Rossi
  •  Controllability and minimal time for control of the transport equation

 Giovanni Russo
  •  Gaussian Wave Packet Transform methods for the semiclassical Schrödinger equation with random inputs
 Teresa Scarinci
  •    Some results about stability analysis, regularizations and applications to splitting methods in optimal control

 Anton Schiela
  •   An affine covariant composite step method for equality constrained optimization in function space

 Tobias Sproll
  •   Numerical Identification of Motor Units in Muscles

 Maria Strazzullo
  • Reduced Order Methods for Optimal Flow Control Problem with application in Environmental Marine Sciences and Engineering
 Hiroshi Takase
  •   Inverse Source Problem related to the Gravitational Waves in General Relativity
 Tomoya Takeuchi
  •   A mathematical model for elastic-plastic composites and homogenization

 Emmanuel Trelat
  •  Positive minimal time for the control of state constrained dynamical systems

 Faouzi Triki
  •   Identification of an algebraic domain from a  finite number of its generalized polarization tensors
 Cristina Trombetti
  •   Isoperimetric inequalities for Steklov-Laplacian eigenvalues
 Cristina Urbani 
  •  Bilinear control of parabolic evolution equations

 Christophe Zhang 
  • Internal rapid stabilization by a scalar feedback for the 1-D linear transport equation
 Masahiro Yamamoto
  • Inverse problems by Carleman estimates for complex fluid dynamics

  Enrique Zuazua
  • Control of some models in population dynamics

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Giuseppe Floridia (University of Naples Federico II), Roberto Guglielmi (GSSI, L'Aquila), Cristina Pignotti (University of L'Aquila)

    •    Piermarco Cannarsa (President of the SC, University of Roma Tor Vergata)
    •    Fatiha Alabau-Boussouira (University of Lorraine & Sorbonne University)
    •    Fabio Ancona  (University of Padova)
    •    Silvia Bertoluzza (CNR IMATI Pavia)
    •    Giuseppe Buttazzo (University of Pisa)
    •    Jean-Michel Coron (Sorbonne University)
    •    Lars Grune (University of Bayreuth)
    •    Gunter Leugering (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
    •    Carlo Sbordone (University of Naples Federico II)
    •    Masahiro Yamamoto (The University of Tokyo)